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Episode 2 - The Celts

[fa icon="calendar"] May 12, 2015 12:30:00 PM / by Tori Zopf

We are happy to announce our third podcast episode is up and ready for your listening pleasure. 

La_Tene_Schwarz_BowlIn it, we discuss the Celts, a people that lived and thrived in Continental Europe and the British Isles beginning in the Iron Age. In our episode, we discuss the controversial label of "Celts", a people linked by culture, warefare with the Romans and rebellion. 

As a source material for this episode, we read The Celts: A Very Short Introduction by Barry Cunliffe. The book provided an overview of language, history, and culture of the Celts and is a good, short starting point if listeners are looking to learn more.  

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Tori Zopf

Written by Tori Zopf