Meet the Team

History on the Rocks started as a bit of a joke between two of us... how could we combine our two loves? Trivia and alcohol only seem to go together in the highly competitive world of pub quiz. We needed more. Then, our Real Historian friend wanted to join! And History on the Rocks was born.

*Marco's the only Real Historian. 

Tori Zopf

Alcohol + Politics

Tori loves a stiff drink and her only artistic talent is inventing new cocktail recipes and naming them after philosophers. She'd love to sit down in the speakeasy with Hannah Arendt, JRR Tolkien and FDR. Her favorite trivia categories include literature, politics and brain teasers.  

Kellen Rice

Literature + Art History

Writer by day, rider by weekend, Kellen prefers two hands on the keyboard or two wheels rubber side down. She takes her mules Mexican (tequila, fresh lime juice, ginger beer) and her beer crafty. She has standing brunch plans with Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Elizabeth I; science hasn't made it happen for her yet, but she still has faith--and in the meantime, mimosas. Her trivia strengths include literature, entertainment, and science.

Marco Costantini

Current Events + Science

Marco holds a Master's Degree in History from Northeastern University, with a focus in Italian migrations and social history from the early modern era to the present. He’s also passionate about science-fiction, astronomy, gaming, and things that go fast. 

Favorite cocktail: the Negroni.

Drinking buddies in Hell: Dante Alighieri, Christopher Hitchens, and Carl Sagan. Virgil is the bartender, of course.