History, on the rocks.

Learn something. Impress your friends. Drink with us.
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Learn History. From Real* Historians.

Okay, okay, only one of us is a real historian. But you might actually learn something. Discover new eras, events, and people. We've done some research, and we're pretty smart (at least we think so). So, pour yourself a drink and tune in. 
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Delicious drinks. Smart names.

Have you ever wanted to teach the techbro in the seat next to you at the bar a little thing or two about intersectional feminism or political economics? Now's your chance. Order an Emma Goldman, and woman-splain away. Not sure what that is yet? Find historically themed cocktail recipes. 
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Everyone likes a surprise.

Every so often, we'll present a piece of content that just doesn't quite fit into our mold. Think that's gonna stop us from sharing it with you? No way. Be on the look out for special videos and other surprises both here and on our social media accounts.